The Bellus Academy Experience with Autumn Camacho

April 17th, 2014 by Amy Masini

small Are you starting your journey through the Bellus Academy experience?

Do you want to know what other students love most about their time at Bellus Acadmey?

Read about the experience of Autumn Camacho, a recent graduate of Bellus Academy and discover what her Bellus Academy experience entailed!

The Beginnings as a Bellus Student

When Autumn began at Bellus Academy, she was not convinced that it was for her. Coming into the Cosmetology Program, she worried about fitting in. Despite her reservations, she continued through the Bellus Academy experience.

Autumn’s Bellus Academy experience was nothing like she thought it was going to be. She never imagined she would have to learn anatomy so well! Bellus is intensive and goes past the basics. Autumn appreciates the holistic experience that prepares students well for the real world. It goes beyond simply taking a state board. She affirms that Bellus Academy is the most amazing place to be and the most amazing business to get into.

When she was starting out, Autumn went to her first instructor to say that she felt like she couldn’t do it anymore and thought she wasn’t learning the way she wanted to. The instructor challenged her with what she wanted and how leaving would benefit that. Autumn’s instructors have always listened to her and given her these types of pushes and encouragements to succeed.

The Staff

Autumn feels so grateful for having the amazing staff who always kept her going. She says they got her hooked in and she feels she could not have chosen a better school or location. Everyone at Bellus from instructors to the admissions office helped her succeed. Autumn asserts that if you do the work, the people will go above and beyond for you. Every time she had doubts, they pushed her and kept her going with reasons to stay.

As someone who considers herself to be a self-starter who jumps in feet first, Autumn was supported by instructors who were always there to help but let her dive into the learning process. The willingness the instructors had to push her is something she cherished. She understood that they challenged her out of care. They taught her to use everything as a learning experience.

Planning for the Future

During her time at Bellus she participated in a lot of events which were amazing in that they gave you freedom to test out the waters of a real working environment.

As a graduate, Autumn hopes to work with hair and greatly values the importance of a good blow dry as the foundation of a hairstyle. Autumn encourages students to always take feedback as constructive criticism because the instructors are always pushing you to be successful. She advises to be a positive person, never give up, and be at Bellus Academy every day to work toward your future.

Why Businesses Should Partner with Bellus Academy

April 14th, 2014 by Amy Masini

small Are you looking to find a graduate ready for the working world?

Do you want to learn more about working with Bellus Academy students?

Cathy Chavez explores why businesses should partner with Bellus Academy. Read about what sets Bellus apart from the rest!

Finding Candidates

Businesses that partner with Bellus Academy have the ability to get their postings listed on the job board at Bellus. They can put leads out and get a range of qualified candidates to apply. The process to find interns and employees is simple and gives them access to fresh graduates as well as seasoned professionals.

Employers also have the option to work with an eight week externship program with Bellus Academy students. The students are able to go out to a salon or spa as part of a mentorship program. It is wonderful exposure for Bellus Academy students to see what real life is like at the spa or salon. They see how the salon works and the mentor has potential future candidates for hire.

Constructive Feedback

The students are able to build rapport and positive reputations with salon owners during mentorships. A Bellus Academy representative is also set to review the programs and learn the good, bad, and ugly about the student performance and externship process. When good relationships are built with employers, they can become a part of the advisory board that joins once a year to go over curriculum. This is a crucial time to make changes and grow from feedback. The employers are honest with what they see with their students. It has even become a platform from which employers have become guest speakers.


The possibilities for students and businesses continue to grow with these programs. The externships can certainly lead to job offers and great professional references. Cathy encourages students to keep networking to help acquire externships. Bellus Academy is working toward having two job fairs per year where students and employers can start building those relationships and opening the lines of communication.

The career services center works to coach and train students with activities such as mock interviews and workshops on ways to get the job and be successful in an interview. They work through goals, cover letters, and resumes. They challenge students to really contemplate where they want to work and make realistic career goals that can meet their expectations. 

Bellus pushes students to go to the state boards, learn everything they possibly can to pass, and move on to getting a great job. Bellus Academy is creating career ready graduates who are ready to work with great education and professionalism behind them.

Massage Therapy at Bellus Academy with Brent Haney

April 7th, 2014 by Amy Masini

Brent Haney Are you considering a career in massage therapy?

Do you want to learn more about what Bellus Academy offers?

Brent Haney dives into why Bellus Academy is the top choice for massage therapy students. Learn about the importance of massage therapy and what to look for in an educational program.

What should you expect in the massage industry?

An individual selecting the path to become a massage therapist should do their research and go to school with an understanding of what is required to be a massage therapist. Brent explains that it is essential to be a giving person. There is an athletic nature of the career that is very physically involved. A message therapist must be empathetic toward the pain, suffering, and various issues clients will come in with. The idea that massage therapy is just a luxurious, feel good treatment is outdated.

What is the importance of massage classes?

All students in the Bellus Academy massage therapy program give and receive massages throughout class so they know how it feels. They are then better equipped to explain and treat future clients. To be a great massage therapist you have to know what the experience is like to be able to promote your services.

Brent talks about the importance of looking at what the programs offer when looking at heading off to a massage school. He emphasizes the importance of thinking about what you want in your future. Think about your marketability when choosing which skills to focus on. It will be important to standout in the highly competitive market after graduation.

What is important when choosing a school?

It is essential to look at the caliber of educators providing the education to you. You want someone who has experienced both failures and successes they have been able to learn and grow from. Students do not want to be at a school where teachers are taken right out of the classroom with no real world experience.

Take a look at the school’s affiliations. The school you choose to attend will help you develop skills for a future career and help determine what kind of lifestyle you are going to live. Bellus Academy is part of the American Massage Therapy Association as well as the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Bellus Academy continues to hit and exceed standards, which directly affect the level of education that students receive.

How often should a student attend school?

Consider how often you will be able to go to school. A few days a week can work, but attending classes 4-5 days consecutively gives you the opportunity to learn and put the techniques you are learning into practice the very next day. The more often you are able to learn with others, you will get more intensive help and guidance. You are not likely to pick up negative habits with someone over your shoulder.

Which modalities does Bellus Academy offer?

A successful massage therapist ought to choose a school that offers a variety of modalities. You want to attend a school with courses delivered to build up your resume to catch the eye of potential employers. All schools teach Swedish Circulatory Massage and some go a step beyond with deep tissue.

Bellus Academy teaches integrated deep tissue therapy, where other schools do standard. Therapy at Bellus uses a multi tier approach toward deep tissue massage. It starts with Swedish, then goes into frictional movement, followed by myofascial release and finally the delivery of deep tissue. The preparatory moves loosen up client muscles and tissue, so there is no pain reaction when pressure is delivered. The next stage looks at and addresses the trigger points.

Take a look at some of the modalities and practices Bellus Academy offers:

Swedish circular massage

Chair massage

Myofascial release

Proprioceptive neuro muscular facilitation/ muscle energy techniques

Postural evaluations and gait evaluations

Range of motion exercised and Trager method

Craniosacral therapy

Manual lymphatic drainage

Temperature therapies – thermotherapy-heat applications and cryotherapy – ice applications

Vichy shower

Respiratory massage

Pre-perinatal massage

Focused abdominal massage

Integrated deep tissue therapy

Spa modalities: spa massage, stone massage, reflexology, exfoliations, and mud wraps,

7 different types of athletic and sports massage

Shiatsu massage


The Benefits of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Bellus Academy

March 27th, 2014 by Amy Masini

BLOG2 Are you preparing to attend Bellus Academy?

Do you know the ins and outs of financial aid?

Learn about the importance of being prepared for your time in school and the benefits of financial aid and scholarships at Bellus Academy. The Bellus Academy Financial Aid team is ready to assist you!

Are you prepared?

Coming into Bellus Academy with a solid understanding of your financial situation is essential to your success. The best thing a prospective student can do heading into the application process is research.

Students should investigate their situation and options with the website. This site helps out with general information as well as the PIN acquisition process. All students need to be prepared with a high school diploma and tax information.

Know About the School

For any school that you are looking to attend, it is essential to be aware of what the admission requirements are at each one. Each school may have a different calendar of dates that are important to the application process. All financial aid can be done on time if you are prepared!

Loans and Grants

The website is a fountain of information, resources, and financial literacy. This is where students go to complete counseling, sign the Master Promissory Note, apply for a PIN and the FAFSA etc. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a free application for student aid that determines financial eligibility. This is one of the first places students should be going to before the application process begins for any school.

If students are enrolling before July, they are required to complete the ‘13-‘14 and the ‘14-‘15 FAFSA. It is important to remember that the FAFSA is an application, and not everyone will qualify.

Students should know that financial aid is a combination of loans to be paid back and grants. With aid guidance it is important to know that nothing is guaranteed until the government verifies it.

If students can have parents involved in the financial aid process, it can certainly be very beneficial. They can be involved with the credit check process in addition to finding out what eligibility lies with the parents.

Bellus Academy Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office at Bellus is always there for assistance to help students walk through the steps. There is so much out there and while it is very important for students to do their research first, the office is always available for support. The office is able and willing to help through the whole process, but they also want students to try it on their own and know all of the information.

It is important for prospective students to know what type of a program they want when coming to school as well as the different programs they may qualify for. Students must be able to meet admissions requirements at any school with physical copies of essential documents.

Programs to Know About

  • Bellus accepts Workforce partnerships
  • Bellus offers various scholarships throughout the year
  • Bellus always offers a high school scholarship for those who have graduated, within a year of their graduation
  • Eligible for MyCAA scholarship and Veterans benefits
  • The school offers various payment plans as well as cash payment plans
  • As a private institution, Bellus is not eligible for Dream Act
  • California State Grant & Board of Governors not eligible

Read your catalogue and consumer information on the website so you are able to come to school informed about what it takes to get a job and pay back your loans! For more information, visit the Financial Aid section of


Make-up Artistry with Haley Merriweather of Bellus Academy

March 15th, 2014 by Amy Masini

largesm Do you want to know where an education in Make-up Artistry can take you?

Ready to learn about the make-up industry?

Make-Up Artistry Educator, ­Haley Merriweather, dives into the possibilities and opportunities a Bellus Academy student has with a Make-up Artistry education. Learn how a Bellus Academy education sets students apart from the rest.

The Make-up Industry

Make-Up Artistry is a renewed concept with Bellus Academy. The way Bellus runs the program is different from traditional approaches in cosmetology schools, setting their students apart from the rest. They of course place a large amount of focus on the fundamentals of make-up; however, they also work to embrace the larger industry as much as possible for the students. Educators at Bellus strive to let the students see that it is not just about working behind a make-up counter. There are so many different opportunities and avenues to go into. From being an editorial artist, to a platform artist, to working in high fashion runway, the students have amazing potential careers.


Students in the make-up artistry program are involved with amazing programs that allow them to gain confidence, exposure, and practice. They are involved with programs such as Kansas City Fashion Week and they do monthly photo shoots for make-up artistry programs. Locally they have done work with GTM Sportswear, a clothing company for athletics.

The students play an active role in the Maybelline Kisses for the Troops program where they team up with local sororities to create postcards with lipstick kisses accompanied by well wishes and donations to the USO. The more they stay involved with the community by working events, the more they are able to keep up to date on the current trends.

Recently the students took part in a zombie play for a local theatre to help create zombie looks. Bellus also has been involved with teaming up with Kate Spade for many events including a Dancing with the Stars event! The make-up artistry students are continuously given many opportunities to promote themselves as young professionals with items to add to their portfolios.


Students become familiar and skilled with products they will be using in their future careers. They learn great technical skills with a variety of looks. Using products with rich and lasting wear to be applied dry or wet with different pigments and eye colors lets students explore their skills.

Bellus Academy students are exposed to MUD products and have been able to work with the HD Air Kit, which is suitable for all skin types. Students practice their make-up artistry with light wear products for bridal events, film, and TV, as well as highly pigmented make-up with long lasting wear that will not need as much touch up on a shoot.

The students are exposed to all types of make-up application such as everyday wear, bridal applications, editorial and high fashion, and special effects for the film industry and theatrics.


Bellus Academy students are getting real life experience before they go out into the work force. They find what they do and do not like and have an idea of where they want to go with their careers. Bellus Academy students and instructors inspire each other to continue the pursuit of their dreams, stay motivated, and keep learning.


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