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July 3rd, 2014 by Amy Masini

If you haven’t already hear about from Bellus Academy or Wella Professionals, now it the time to catch up!  1268684_10152108012307945_8237843842661617777_o

Wella Professionals has launched and take created a lookbook for you to peruse to find new creative inspiration. The lookbook covers everything from the sides of the brain to various steps to color, cut, and style. How has changes your style vision for the summer?

Irma Lieras Talks Bellus Academy with a Military Background

June 20th, 2014 by Amy Masini

bellusblog-irmalierastalksbellus-r1 Are you looking to learn about going to Bellus with a military background?

Do you want to know more about how to get your license?

Bellus Academy Spa Nail Educator, Irma Liera, talks about the benefits of attending Bellus Academy and the opportunities it gives you for a career with a military background.


Irma started her education while her husband was in Korea and she believes it is one of the best things she could have done with her time. As someone who would move so often, it was a great way for her to connect and meet with other people. She has found that a lot of military wives are bored and do not always know what to do with their time.

Bellus Academy is a great solution for a military spouse especially if they do not have children. The twenty-week program is ideal for those with a spouse who are gone for an extended amount of time.

Irma asserts that the programs at Bellus Academy have gotten even better as they now teach you about business and financial literacy. They help with online profiles, job placements, and ways to get your name out there. She talks about the ways that beauty changes lives and the entire school comes together to help instill confidence across the board.

Now as an instructor, she enjoys having the opportunity to help open the eyes of students and help them to prevent mistakes. She loves to offer advice and preparation for the real world. Irma says the students do not realize how much they touch the lives of the instructors. She encourages them to be confident in everything they do and to not be afraid. Always keep learning and continue with pursuing passions.


Having her license helped Irma support her family with five children. It gave her the opportunity to support her family. She was challenged to adapt and grow while working from home. She explains that as long as you work on base, your license is good in every salon wherever you move to in the military. This gives you a great amount of flexibility.

Irma was very fortunate with an opportunity to step in and work out of her home with a permit on base. It is very rare but doable and she could not be more grateful. She emphasizes that the program is only twenty weeks long, and is a great door opener to a future career. She was able to work on base and build clientele and ask to have permit on base to work from home.

It is a great investment to make without going as high up as college. The money you invest can be earned back within a year of acquiring your license. This field gives you the opportunity to work anywhere. With Bellus Academy, you have the ability to be a part of iTech and work internationally with your license.

Some may worry that they cannot have a career because they are devoted to their husbands and families. Irma is a strong believer that they can have their own careers and be supportive. It gives great potential to turn into a career without taking support away.

Nails at Bellus Academy: The Art and History in Sculpts

June 5th, 2014 by Amy Masini

20130802 Bellus Academy Headshots-1214-6 Nails at Bellus Academy: The Art and History in Sculpts

Read about the art and history in nail sculpts with Bellus Acadmey’s Nail Technology Educator, Sam Beall!

“Sculp-ture [Skuhlup-cher] Noun – The art of carving, welding, or otherwise producing works of art in three dimensions.” Sculptured nails are just that, works of art. This lost form takes years to master, but is completely worth the artistic freedom it allows. This technique utilizes a form that is placed under the free edge of the nail. Each enhancement is built and then perfectly molded to fit each individual nail.

Nail enhancements have progressed much throughout history. The earliest recorded enhancements dates back to the Ming Dynasty where long red or black artificial nails indicated status. Ancient Egyptians, who were known for innovative ideas and luxury, preferred bone, ivory, and gold to adorn their nails. Later in the 19th century, upper class women in Greece used empty pistachio shells as garnishment. This spread the trend of artificial nails across Europe.

These lovely jewels as we know them today got their start in the oddest of places, a dental office. In 1954, a dentist damaged his nail and used dental acrylic to repair it. Thus sculpts were born. Although these enhancements didn’t truly gain popularity until the 1970′s, “porcelain nails” did pose a challenge due to the original nature of the product. In the early 80′s, a new cross-linked polymer changed the way these enhancements were applied. This new revolution in nail care, designed for actual use on the natural nail, now allowed for thin and natural coverage.

Since then, the industry has changed in leaps and bounds. We see new innovations almost daily, still we return to that little black dress, good ol’ liquid and powder in its basic of forms and applications. As a nail artist, sculpture is a way to create beautiful customized works of living art or high fashion. For a guest it adds strength and durability when applied and maintained by a well trained technician. From something as simple as a classic pink and white set, to a mermaid’s tail from the depth of the ocean, your imagination is your only limitations.

The Bridge Between Beauty and Modeling at Bellus Academy with Cynthia Suarez

May 30th, 2014 by Amy Masini

bellusblog-bridgebtwnbeautymodeling-r1 (1) Are you interested in beauty, wellness, and fashion?

Do you want to learn about how beauty and modeling are intertwined?

Cynthia Suarez of Bellus Academy talks about the bridge between beauty and modeling and what she has brought to Bellus Academy.

Coming to Bellus Academy

Cynthia comes from a background in fashion and design. She never thought she would end up at Bellus Academy. She brings Bellus knowledge and connections from the fashion industry to build the bridge between beauty and modeling.

Cynthia knew models coming from the studio world and worked behind-the-scenes of fashion shows. She has jumped into Bellus Academy with the makeup artistry photo shoots. These shoots and events would not be complete without the amazing models to show off the styles.

The Modeling Industry

Cynthia dives into the modeling field discussing the modeling industry. There is not a very large budget for models in the industry but Cynthia expresses the need for them to be compensated in every way possible. The industry could not get by without the faces to represent their styles and brands.

Cynthia comes to Bellus with a new focus with her fashion background and plays a big role in tying it all in. Students, faculty, and all involved need to know how to dress well and how to coordinate meeting with people in industry and work with the models they need.

The Bridge Between Beauty and Modeling

This industry has a lot of individuals who need to come together to make it complete and Bellus Academy has jumped right into the practice of bringing everyone together to be as successful as possible.

Cynthia wants everyone in the industry to realize that models are essential. She has found that there is so much in the beauty and wellness world and the industry is here to stay. Everyone needs someone to do their nails, style their hair, and give them makeovers for events. During her time at Bellus she has truly seen the ways that beauty changes lives. She loves that Bellus is always on top of the latest topics and trends.

Every month Cynthia goes into the campus El Cajon and speaks on what happens in events. She works to help prepare students because they don’t always realize how different the feel is at events. Events are a great way to get experience and build your resume. The opportunities for networking are endless. It’s a great place to pick up different techniques with models and event coordinators

With Bellus Academy, she can do a little of everything she loves by incorporating fashion into the beauty and wellness industry. She encourages students to always dress the part and put their best foot forward.

Bellus Education Creative with Diego and Bryden

May 22nd, 2014 by Amy Masini

bellusblog-becreativediegobryden-r1 (1) Are you ready to take the next step in your Bellus education?

Do you want to know more about Bellus Education Creative?

Bellus Academy’s Diego and Bryden of Bellus Education Creative, also known as BE/Creative, talk about this amazing program available. Take a look at what you will learn and the benefits of being a part of BE/Creative!

Bellus Education Creative

Bellus Education Creative, also known as BE/Creative, started as a way of having students take their technical skills to another level. A huge focus is placed on teaching them creative inspiration based design that is marketable when they leave school, continuing the efforts Bellus Academy gives for a holistic education. It equips them with real life skills they will use on a completely different level.

The Course

Each week of the course is broken into four categories: cutting, color, styling, and collection week. Each day in each week is set up strategically to challenge each person a little more each day. Collection week culminates with a photo shoot at the end, and students leave with a portfolio that is 100% their own work. Bryden enjoys this aspect of the program wherein there is so much growth in every individual by the end.

The program is available to any student who has finished the Inspiration stage of the program, after about 1000 hundred hours logged. Those enrolled in the intensive one month program are certainly set apart from the rest. The program forces them to go into detail in an intimate setting to train and hone their skills. The goal of the program includes getting on the floor for salon experience before they head into the real world.


One of the benefits of the BE/Creative program is that it gets students working in editorial work, photography, creative work, and they can delve into other fields within the industry. Diego and Bryden say that the students are revisiting what they already know, expanding on it, and diving furhter into the creative process of design. Every person that comes into program leaves much better than when they started and they take away a higher confidence level.

Who Should be in BE/Creative

For anyone with a passion for the industry and craft, this is geared towards you. BE/Creative really goes into the artistry of the craft and gives the abilities and skill sets to be able to conceptualize and materialize personal inspirations. The program is a powerful tool to have under your belt.

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