The Bridge Between Beauty and Modeling at Bellus Academy with Cynthia Suarez

May 30th, 2014 by Amy Masini

bellusblog-bridgebtwnbeautymodeling-r1 (1) Are you interested in beauty, wellness, and fashion?

Do you want to learn about how beauty and modeling are intertwined?

Cynthia Suarez of Bellus Academy talks about the bridge between beauty and modeling and what she has brought to Bellus Academy.

Coming to Bellus Academy

Cynthia comes from a background in fashion and design. She never thought she would end up at Bellus Academy. She brings Bellus knowledge and connections from the fashion industry to build the bridge between beauty and modeling.

Cynthia knew models coming from the studio world and worked behind-the-scenes of fashion shows. She has jumped into Bellus Academy with the makeup artistry photo shoots. These shoots and events would not be complete without the amazing models to show off the styles.

The Modeling Industry

Cynthia dives into the modeling field discussing the modeling industry. There is not a very large budget for models in the industry but Cynthia expresses the need for them to be compensated in every way possible. The industry could not get by without the faces to represent their styles and brands.

Cynthia comes to Bellus with a new focus with her fashion background and plays a big role in tying it all in. Students, faculty, and all involved need to know how to dress well and how to coordinate meeting with people in industry and work with the models they need.

The Bridge Between Beauty and Modeling

This industry has a lot of individuals who need to come together to make it complete and Bellus Academy has jumped right into the practice of bringing everyone together to be as successful as possible.

Cynthia wants everyone in the industry to realize that models are essential. She has found that there is so much in the beauty and wellness world and the industry is here to stay. Everyone needs someone to do their nails, style their hair, and give them makeovers for events. During her time at Bellus she has truly seen the ways that beauty changes lives. She loves that Bellus is always on top of the latest topics and trends.

Every month Cynthia goes into the campus El Cajon and speaks on what happens in events. She works to help prepare students because they don’t always realize how different the feel is at events. Events are a great way to get experience and build your resume. The opportunities for networking are endless. It’s a great place to pick up different techniques with models and event coordinators

With Bellus Academy, she can do a little of everything she loves by incorporating fashion into the beauty and wellness industry. She encourages students to always dress the part and put their best foot forward.

Bellus Education Creative with Diego and Bryden

May 22nd, 2014 by Amy Masini

bellusblog-becreativediegobryden-r1 (1) Are you ready to take the next step in your Bellus education?

Do you want to know more about Bellus Education Creative?

Bellus Academy’s Diego and Bryden of Bellus Education Creative, also known as BE/Creative, talk about this amazing program available. Take a look at what you will learn and the benefits of being a part of BE/Creative!

Bellus Education Creative

Bellus Education Creative, also known as BE/Creative, started as a way of having students take their technical skills to another level. A huge focus is placed on teaching them creative inspiration based design that is marketable when they leave school, continuing the efforts Bellus Academy gives for a holistic education. It equips them with real life skills they will use on a completely different level.

The Course

Each week of the course is broken into four categories: cutting, color, styling, and collection week. Each day in each week is set up strategically to challenge each person a little more each day. Collection week culminates with a photo shoot at the end, and students leave with a portfolio that is 100% their own work. Bryden enjoys this aspect of the program wherein there is so much growth in every individual by the end.

The program is available to any student who has finished the Inspiration stage of the program, after about 1000 hundred hours logged. Those enrolled in the intensive one month program are certainly set apart from the rest. The program forces them to go into detail in an intimate setting to train and hone their skills. The goal of the program includes getting on the floor for salon experience before they head into the real world.


One of the benefits of the BE/Creative program is that it gets students working in editorial work, photography, creative work, and they can delve into other fields within the industry. Diego and Bryden say that the students are revisiting what they already know, expanding on it, and diving furhter into the creative process of design. Every person that comes into program leaves much better than when they started and they take away a higher confidence level.

Who Should be in BE/Creative

For anyone with a passion for the industry and craft, this is geared towards you. BE/Creative really goes into the artistry of the craft and gives the abilities and skill sets to be able to conceptualize and materialize personal inspirations. The program is a powerful tool to have under your belt.

The Benefit of Bellus Academy

May 8th, 2014 by Amy Masini


Are you planning to attend Bellus Academy?

Do you want to know what sets Bellus apart from the rest?

Admission Director Sarah Holmes talks about the benefits of going to Bellus Academy. Take a look at this list of just a few of the reasons why Bellus is the way to go.

Bellus Academy students are active:

Sarah points out how the students and educators at Bellus Academy are constantly in competitions throughout the nation. They have an amazing community outreach department and always work to give back to the community. From Fashion Week San Diego to military appreciation events to charity work, Bellus is very involved in the greater community.

Career Placement:

Bellus has an amazing career placement department. The reputation is so high and so well established that high-end salons are seeking out Bellus students. Sarah talks about the Bellus Professional programs which help graduates stay connected with opportunities for advanced education and alumni networking. Bellus also offers to students and educators to showcase professional skills with photos for an online portfolio.

Advanced Training:

Bellus Academy offers advanced training and multiple licenses to allow students to be more than ready for the working world. Many classes offer externships for wonderful exposure and experience. Bellus works with ITEC which has centers registered in 38 countries.

Holistic Education:

Sarah talks about the business courses included in all of the programs tailored to this industry. Bellus Academy students are not only prepared artistically, but also come away from their education with business savvy and a higher capability for client retention.

Awards and Accolades:

Something that elevates Bellus Academy students and sets them apart from the rest is the high level of education. Modern Salon has named Bellus the Best School in the Nation two years in a row. Sarah says the school is always working to stay current with trends in industry.

Commitment to Excellence:

Bellus has been named the “Harvard of Beauty Schools” by San Diego Magazine. The mission of Bellus includes producing top industry professionals and promoting continued educational growth of the faculty and alumni to make graduates become the best professionals. They work tirelessly to prepare students to pass the boards and establish successful graduate placement services. Sarah discussed the educators as amazing because they simply love what they do and they love helping students and watching them grow.

Miss California Visits Bellus Academy with Ariene Reese

May 1st, 2014 by Amy Masini

bellusblog-mscalivisits-r1 Student Spotlight: Ariene Reese gives Miss California a facial!

When Ariene was assigned Cassandra Kunze for a Saturday facial she could not have been more excited. Ariene felt lucky that Miss Larissa had her in mind for this particular client. Take a moment to explore Ariene’s experience!

Kerstin Florian Facial

Ariene gave Cassie a Kerstin Florian Facial as a preventative treatment to take care of her beautiful skin. This 60-minute botanical facial is often used as an anti-aging treatment, but works well to keep young, fresh skin like Cassie’s, gorgeous for longer in life.

For this treatment, Ariene gave Cassie a soothing massage and fluffy facial. The facial uses only natural ingredients, full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. With a pro peel and algae mask, Cassie’s skin was on its way to refreshing rejuvenation.

Ariene explains the facial to be quite oxygenating and hydrating to make your skin glow. During the treatment Cassie said she felt her skin getting tighter, smoother, and younger looking.

For a deeper dive into the treatment itself, Ariene says this particular botanical facial uses all Kerstin Florian products. Ariene starts with calming, essential oils and has the client take deep breaths to start relaxing.

She then uses the Complete Daily Cleanser followed by a PRO 30 Multi-Acid Peel. This peel is a blend of acids geared to lighten, brighten, and tighten in about ten minutes.

Ariene used neroli water as a neutralizer to hydrate and freshen the skin, followed by a relaxing lavender oil massage. She brought the facial to an end with a few practices including a cooling algae gel mask, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, a spray of neroli water, brightening eye cream, and multiple vitamin cream with SPF 30.

Ariene’s Experience

Ariene felt an exciting type of nervous, where she knew that she could handle it. She was flattered that her instructor chose her to work on Miss California. She says that as a Master Esthetics Student, the ability to take on experiences such as this starts to make you feel official with the potential to build up clientele. Throughout the facial, Cassie gave Ariene positive feedback, which of course made her feel great. She said Cassie and her mom, who also came in for a facial, were both sweet and wonderful clients to work with.

Throughout her experiences with Bellus Academy, Ariene is assured that she is in the exact industry she needs to be in. She is looking forward to staying involved and attending the next Spa Connection event. Ariene plans to one day work in permanent cosmetics. Keep up the great work, Ariene!


Be a Trendsetter on with Bellus Academy’s Roberta Archer

April 25th, 2014 by Amy Masini

bellusblog-bloomrobertaarcher-r1 (1) Are you looking to share your work on Bloom?

Do you want to know how to stand out?

Bloom Trendsetter Roberta Archer explores how she uses Bloom to find inspiration and share her work with students, colleagues, and clientele. Learn how to be a trendsetter on with Bellus Academy’s Roberta Archer!

Be Proactive

Starting out with Bloom, Roberta was often surprised to find so many people using Bloom and looking at her page. She has made sure that every time someone likes her posts on Bloom, she goes to that individual’s bio and looks at what they are doing. This gets an interaction started that lends itself perfectly to online networking. She encourages all Bloom users to follow the practice of liking and following people who have talent and potential. The more you reach out in the Bloom community, the more you will build up a community.

Go For It

Roberta says some students may be shy about putting themselves out there but she advises all students to go for it and take pictures constantly, especially with before and after shots. Filling out bios fully is essential as well for others to have all the information they need as well as the ability to get a better sense of who you are.

She believes Bloom is one of the best things Bellus has done for students, as it is the most comprehensive platform. It gives students, alumni, and educators the ability to network with salons and products as well as to get involved with clients and other people for more education, ideas, and inspiration. We are so visual and hands on that the ability to see pictures of our work is fantastic. The iPads in student kits give the ability to show their clientele what they can do and offer more information with Bloom right there.

Be Authentic

One of her top tips to be a Trendsetter is to get your pictures out there. Roberta has a lot of nice professional shots she will upload, but she also puts up ones that aren’t professional. This puts a quality of realness into her work and attracts the everyday individual that may just be looking for a cool style to rock in class. Using a balance of types of photos is key. Utilizing this practice, Roberta was amazed by the hits she saw on her page.

On the Be Inspired section, you see that not everything is professional but people like it. People like things that are a little less than perfect. Sometimes users are clicking on the ones with the least effort put into them because they like the simple and basic looks they could realistically wear any day.

Be Creative

As an educator, Roberta tells everyone about Bloom and the wonderful arena of inspiration it provides. It’s crucial to always try new things and find new styles to incorporate as your own. Roberta sees amazing work being done and everyone has that amazing potential.

Be a Trendsetter

As a trendsetter, Roberta teaches in a lot of different little techniques that are not very complicated. She will use simple techniques, put the look together, and encourage students go for it their own. She works to help others succeed. To be noticed as a trendsetter, she says you must post everything you do on all social profiles with links. Everyone comes back to Bloom because it carries everything they need. Create a strong community by following others back and recognizing great work. Roberta has a folder to feature work of her friends, students, and coworkers. She features photos that she knows she is able to do in the event that a client asks for it.

Take a look at Roberta’s Bloom profile!

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